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The Mall, Shimla-171001.
Telephone No
0177-2803023, 2653023.
Year Establishment
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Office Bearers

Sh. Narinder Kataria    Ph. :- 0177-2623194(R), +91 - 98160-23194 (M)

Vice President

Col. (Retd.) K.R Chauhan    Ph. :- + 91 - 98161-37368 (M)

Hony. Secretary
Sh. S.K. Kalia    Ph.:- + 91 - 177-2620688 (R ), + 91 - 98160-22688 (M), +91 - 94180-22688 (M)
Joint Secretary
Sh. N.K. Vyas    Ph.:- + 91 - 94180-18847 (M)
Sh. Narinder Gupta    Ph.:- + 91 - 98162 - 03355 (M)
Executive Members
Sh. Sudhir Chawla    Ph.:- + 91 - 98161-90191 (M)
Sh. Vikas Kapoor      Ph.:- + 91 - 93185-01544 (M)
Sh. N.C Sood            Ph.:- + 91 - 93185-01544 (M)
Sh. J.L Malhotra        Ph.:- + 91 - 94594-14755 (M)
Sh. Nand Lal Verma    Ph.:-+ 91 - 177-2803023, 2653023.
Club Timings
2:30 P.M. to 11 P.M.

Bar, Restaurant, Card Room


The Club has tie up with some hotels at a reasonable discounts as per season. Any visiting members of your club should inform us well in advance about the reservation in the Hotels

From Railway Station :  1.5 Km.
From Bus Stand : 1 Km.
From Air Port : 20 Km.
No. of Affiliated Clubs

List Attached

No. of Members


Not Allowed

Kurtha Pajama, Chapal, Track Suit and Half Pant.

Visiting Charges

As per reciprocal arrangement


Affiliation Club member s shall be allowed to only three visits free in a month and not allowed to introduce or entertain guests. Without the permission of President of the club


Our Club is managed by Society, (Elected by Members).
All transactions by reciprocal members to be settled by cash only.

List of Octogeneranion Members

S.no. Name of Members Date
1. Smt. Gargi Gupta 28th August, 1929
2. Sh.Tejwant Singh 23rd September,1922
3. Sh. Diwan G. Sahai 14th October, 1924

Memorandum of Association
The name of the society is “THE SIMLA CLUB”, hereinafter referred as the CLUB.
The registered office of the Club is situated in Shimla(H.P)
The aims and objectives of the Club shall include:-

To inculcate in all its members a sense of fellow feelings and to promote cultural, social and literally activities
To develop association with the other Clubs on reciprocal basis having analogous aims and activities.
To promote other societies for carrying into effect any of the object of this society or for the object similar or analogous or subsidiary to objects of its own for carrying on any business capable of being conducted as to directly or indirectly benefit this Club.
To do all such other things as are incidental or conducive to attainment of the above objectives as also for the general welfare of the Club and its members.
To develop and promote the skill for indoor and outdoor games as far as possible.
To takeover the assets and liabilities tangible or intangible of unregistered Shimla Club being run opposite Chalet Day School on the Mall Shimla for the last thirty years.

Articles of Association Membership

1. The members of the Club shall consist of:
(i) Persons who, at the time of taking over the Simla Club by the present management were members of that Club, and who shall not, within the period of three calendar months from the date of registration of this Club, intimate in writing to the committee through the Honorary Secretary of the Club their withdrawal from membership.
(ii) Such other persons as shall from time to time become the members of this Club according to the constitution of the Club.

2. The Club shall consist of an unlimited number of members who are Indian Citizens, but the Executive Committee may whenever it deems fit limit the number to a certain figure(s) as per classification of members.

There shall be following category of members:

(i) Permanent Members
(ii) Temporary Members
(iii) Honorary Members
(iv) Casual members/ Guest members
(v) Corporate Members
(vi) Life Members

3. The dependent/ children of a member between the ages of 10 to 25 years shall be entitled to use the Club for the sports facilities only on an identity card issued by the General Secretary, on the written request of the member. The facilities of the Bar and Cards shall not be available to them. They must be dependent on their parents. They shall have no right to bring guests to the Club.

4. In deciding upon the eligibility of ladies and gentleman wishing to become members of any kind, the committee shall among other things particularly have read to the fact that the Simla Club shall consists only of ladies and gentleman received in general society with respect. Apart from the status of the intending member, the Committee shall also take into consideration his/her reputation in General Society and monetary conditions.

5. Admission to membership shall be decided by the majority of the members present in the Executive Committee meeting in which the application is considered. The committee may further delegate its power to any subcommittee constituted by it during its tenure and it shall be upon that Committee to decide whether a member is eligible or not. The committee so formed will be meeting frequently.

6. Every candidate for admission to any of the above categories of membership of this Club shall fill up the prescribed form meant for the purpose. The candidate shall be proposed by one and seconded by another member both of whom must be personally acquired with him/her and responsible for his/her eligibility.

7. The Secretary shall inform the candidate about the acceptance/ rejection of his/her candidature.

8. The candidate on election shall be liable for the payment of subscription amounting to a sum prescribed by the Executive committee from tome to time and entrance fee from the date of notice issued to him by the Secretary of the Club.

9. The temporary member shall have to pay monthly subscription and the Committee may fix such other fees as from time to time.

10. The temporary member shall not be entitled to receive Notice or to attendee or exercise vote any general meeting of the Club or to hold any other office of the Club . In all other respects except as otherwise provided by these bye-laws, a temporary member shall enjoy the same privileges as a permanent member.

11. A temporary member shall have no voice in the management of the Club.

12. All debts due to the Club by a temporary member and all other liabilities incurred by his/her during the period of his/her membership will be deemed to have been guaranteed by his/her proposer and seconder who shall be jointly and severally liable for the same.

13. The committee has the power of withdrawing the privileges of temporary membership at any time.

14. Temporary membership shall cease if the propose or the seconder withdraw their support or cease to be members of the Club for any reason whatsoever unless the member if proposed and seconded by two other members of the Club.

15. No temporary member shall have any claim to any share of the property of the Club.

16. The Executive member present shall only admit Casual/Guest members with the prior approval of the Secretary or in his absent by the Executive member on the occasion. Any member leaving Shimla, will on notifying the fact to the Club in writing and paying all dues to the Club up to the date of departure be placed on the Absent List.

17. Registered membership will be granted to applicants strictly in accordance to procedure and norms to be adopted in writing by the Executive Committee.

18. Corporate Membership shall be accorded to Public Sector undertaking, Banks and Private Limited Companies, who wishes to do so in writing. The Executive Committee shall decide the admission fees for such membership. Corporate membership shall be given to head of the institution/any other person by designation. Such members will not have any right to participate in the management of the Club. Executive Committee shall have the right in exceptional circumstances to seek the withdrawal of any individual, in which case the Corporate Body may nominate another officer.

19. Honorary Member
(i) The Executive Committee of the Club may invite any dignitary or V.I.P. to be an honorary member of the Club provided that the Executive Committee shall record in writing the request for conferring honorary membership of such person(s).

(ii) Honorary members shall not be required to pay the admission fee and the monthly membership subscriptions. They shall, however, be required to pay all other charge as may be levied from time to time.

(iii) Honorary member shall have no voting right, and their tenure shall be for one year only.

20. Guests
(i) Full members of the Club may introduce guests to the Club to be recorded in a Guest Register provided that a guest shall not be introduced for more than three total days in a month.

(ii) Temporary and Tourist members shall not be entitled to introduce guest to the Club.

(iii) No member who has been excluded from membership or has been expelled from the Club or whose conduct or presence in the Club may be considered by the Executive Committee to be objectionable or prejudicial to the interest of the Club can under any circumstances be introduced as a guest.

(iv) Every guest must be accompanied by the introducing members.

(v) Every member shall on introducing a guest enter the name and full address of such guest register kept for the purpose in the Club.

(vi) Member introducing a guest shall be responsible for his/her conduct in the Club and shall be liable for all debts to the Club incurred by his/her guests.

(vii) The Executive Committee is empowered to invite as guests, the members of other Club in Shimla or any other person to take part in open tournaments or inter matches or any other activity or function arranged from time to time by the Club.

The above restriction upon guests does not apply to special nights or functions when the Club will specifically be open to non-members.

(viii) Dependents of members will be allowed to make of the Club and participate in all the games on payment of such extra fee, which the Executive Committee may prescribe from time to time for each game.

(ix) The rate of the guest fee shall be as may be fixed by the Executive Committee from time to time.

21. Termination of MemberShip
(i) Full membership may be terminated as follows:-

(a) By voluntary resignation from a prospective date addressed to the Club in writing.

(b) By being in default for a period of six consecutive months and after due notice has been given in writing his name will be put up on the Notice Board, where after his membership shall automatically stand terminated..

(c) In the event of any act of indiscipline, misbehavior or infringement or the rules and regulations of the Clubs or in the event of infringement of any resolution of the Executive committee, the membership of a person may be suspended by the President and in his absence by the Hon. Secretary provided that the Hon. Secy. Will within 15 days of the order of suspension call a meeting of the Executive Committee to be held and report the said suspension to the Executive Committee for consideration.

The Executive Committee will provide an opportunity to the member concerned to be headed in person or to put up his/her defence in writing and if after considering the same, is convinced the act of misbehavior, be empowered to terminate the membership of the person by 3/4th majority of the total strength of the Executive Committee in the meeting should that strength be not present in the said meeting, t he meeting will be adjourned so such time and date as the President may decide and in the adjourned meeting the members present shall be empowered to terminate the membership by a majority by .

(d) By the member being adjudicate insolvent.
(e) By the member being dismissed from Public Service.
(f) By a member being found guilty by a competent Court, of an offence involving the opinion of the Executive Committee, misconduct or moral turpitude.

The Executive Committee
22. The executive committee of the Club shall consist of Vice President, Honorary Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer and other four members. The office bearers being elected amongst themselves except President. The President shall be elected separately by election.

23. Should a member of the Executive committee resign, the Executive Committee shall co-opt another member in his/her place. Should a member of the Executive be absent from the station and unlikely to return shortly the executive committee may co-opt another additional member in his place.

24. The Executive Committee shall meet at least once a month to pass the accounts and discuss other affairs of the Club. At a written request by any five members of the Executive Committee, the Secretary or the President shall convene an Emergent Meeting of the Executive Committee as demanded.

25. At least three days, notice in writing of the meeting must be given to each Executive Committee member who is in station, except for an emergent meeting when the notice period will be 24 hours.

26. The Executive Committee shall cause true accounts to be kept.

27. The accounts may be inspected by members on due notice being given in writing.

28. All cheques and orders on Club’s banker and agents shall be signed by the Honorary Secretary or in his absence by the Joint Secretary and countersigned by the President or in his absence by the vice-president.

29. The quorum of the Executive Committee Meeting Shall consists of four members.

30. The Executive Committee has power to appoint sub-Committees, Sub- secretaries and Advisors to assist in the working of the Club.

31. Any Sub- secretary of Advisor while holding office shall if not already a member of the Executive Committee, be entitled to attend but not to vote at any meeting of the Executive Committee held to discuss any matter regarding the department run by him.

32. The proceeding of all Executive Committee shall be recorded in the Minutes Book kept for purpose and shall be signed by the President or Chairman after having been read at the next following meeting and confirmed as correctly recorded.

33. In general, all the affairs of the Club, pecuniary or otherwise shall be managed by the Executive Committees, in whom all the powers of the Club except as otherwise provided by the Regulations, shall be vested.

The President
34. The president or in his absence the Vice President will be the Head of the Club and shall exercise a general supervision over all the business of the Club and all branches of its management. He may at any time call a meeting o the Executive Committee or the General Body.

The Secretary
35. There shall be an Honorary Secretary to the Executive Committee who shall be appointed by the Executive Committee and who shall exercise the authority of the Executive Committee with regard to the general routine and management of the club.

36. The Honorary Secretary shall prepare and submit such statements as the Executive Committee may require to enable them to discharge their duties.

37. The proceedings of the Executive Committee meeting shall be recorded in the Minutes Book Kept for the purpose by the Honorary Secretary. The Honorary Secretary shall also submit his annual report in the Annual General Body Meeting.

38. The Honorary Secretary shall have the powers to incur and sanction expenditure upto Rs. 500/- for one item with the maximum of Rs. 5000/- per month.

39. The Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held before 31st September every year. The Account for the previous year ending 31st March shall be submitted for passing at this meeting.

40. The other business to be transacted at the General Meeting shall be to elect the President, Committee Members or such other transaction, which has been indicated in the notice, circulated convening the said meeting.

41. Election of the President and the members of the Executive Committee shall be conducted after every 2 (Two years) in the following manner: -

(a) Election of the President & the Executive Committee shall be held separately i.e. these shall be two ballot papers; one for President and the other for executive committee member.

Along with the notice for holding the General Meeting the Honorary Secretary shall cause a circular to be issued to all the members of the Club, who are entitled to vote under these Articles, inviting them to state, not less than fourteen clear days before the meeting, whether they are desirous of serving on the Executive Committee of the Club for the term following. Any member may even propose any other member as a candidate, in which case the proposal with the consent of the proposed candidate be delivered to the office of the Club the date specified in the notice above mentioned. Proposals received after that date shall not be valid.

42. A member who has not been a member of the Club continuously for a period of at least three years or who has been on the Absentee List of the Club for a period of six months or more during the previous year shall not be eligible for election as a member of the Executive Committee. Members in arrears of dues or default shall also not be eligible for election.

43. A member who is desirous of being on the Executive Committee or whose name has been proposed as a candidate as provided in the last forgoing paragraph must file his consent in writing in the following form with the Club.

The Registrar of the Societies,
Consent to act as a member of the Executive Committee under Sec. 264 of the Act.
I, the undersigned hereby testify my consent to act as a member of the Executive Committee of the SIMLA CLUB.
Signature -- Address -- Description

44. All the nominations received in the Club office till the prescribed time and date shall be scrutinized by a committee nominated by the executive committee for the purpose.

45. The names of the candidates who do not choose to withdraw from the elections by the time table specified by the Executive committee shall be arranged alphabetically in a ballot paper which shall be serially numbered and signed by the Chairman of the General Meeting.

46. The election shall be held in the Club premises on the time and date specified in the notice for that purpose.

46 (A) The quorum for Annual General Meeting shall be at least 75 members present in in person, should the quorum as above be not there, the meeting shall stand adjourned till the same day in the next week at the same time and place. In the adjourned meeting the members present shall form the quorum for purpose of passing the accounts and any other matter notice of which has already been given but no elections shall be held and the existing members on the Executive Committee shall continue to hold office till the next Annual General Meeting provided that if any existing member of the Executive Committee gives in writing that he is unwilling to serve on the Executive committee, his place will be filled by the Executive Committee.

47. The members will indicate their preference by suitably marking on the ballot paper and the ballot papers will be deposited in the ballot box duly sealed and placed in the Club premises .

48. The scrutiny and the counting of votes cast by the members shall be done by two scrutineers appointed by the chairman of the meeting, the scrutineers shal always be members of the Club, not being offiers or employees of the Club, present at the meeting.

49. The scrutineers after due scrutiny and counting shall submit their report to the Chairman of the Annual General Meeting regarding the number of votes secured by each candidates. Candidate securing highest number of votes shall be deemed to have been elected.

50. In the event of any difference as to the validity of the votes cast by the ballot, the decision of the Chairman shall be final and conclusive.

51. At any General Meeting a declaration by THE Chairman of the Meeting that a resolution has been carried or carried by a particular majority or lost or not carried by a particular majority and an entry to that effect in the book of the proceedings of the Club shall be conclusive evidence of the fact, without proof of the number of proportion of the votes recorded in favour of or against that resolution.

52. The Executive Committee may be at any time and shall on the written requisition of 1/5th full members call an Extra – Ordinary General Meeting .

53. Notice of such meeting and the object thereof must be placed on the Notice Board and notified to all members, 7 days before the date of the meeting.

54. An absent member even if he is eligible to vote or any other member who is not present in person at the General Meeting shall not be entitled to vote by proxy. Only persons present in the meeting shall be entitled to vote.

55. At an Extra Ordinary General Meeting to no proposal may be discussed which has not been specified in the Notice Calling the meeting.

56. No rule or Bye-law of the Cub shall be altered, nor shall any Bye-Law be added without the sanction of 2/3rd of the members voting in person at a General Meeting Specially convened for the purpose.

57. When minutes of a meeting recorded in minutes book kept for such purpose have at the next following meeting been read and confirmed as correctly recorded, they shall be signed by the President or Chairman.

58. All motions and proposals shall be carried or rejected by a majority of votes except as otherwise provided in the Articles of the Asssociation or the Bye-Laws and Rules of the Club.

59. The accounts of the Club shall be closed on the 31st March each year and shall be examined and the correctness of the Balance Sheet ascertained by one Auditor specially appointed for the purpose.

Club Hours
60. The Club hours will be from 12.00 noon to 11.00 p.m. provided that the Executive Committee may from time to time alter these hours as may be in the interest of the Club.

61. Any member or his/her guest remaining on the premises after the closing hours as specified above on any day, except on special occasions and functions arranged by the Club, shall be charged late fee at the rates fixed by the Executive Committee from time to time.

Card Room By-Laws
62. Cards are provided and will, after use remain the property of the Club. The used cards shall be available for sale at a price fixed by the Executive Committee from time to time. Members playing cards shall be charged extra fee for the same as fixed by the Executive Committee.

(a) Club stakes for Rummy/ Bridge shall be decided by the Executive Committee from time to time.
63. A member introducing a visitor shall be responsible for the later’s cards debts.
64. Playing of cards and other games shall be subject to such rules as may be framed by the Executive Committee from time to time.

Other Facilities
65 Catering reading and recreational facilities shall be provided to the Members as per decisions of the Executive Committee from time to time and as per subscription amount decided by Executive Committee for family or individual usage.

Reservation of Club Premises
66. Subject to the sanction of the Executive Committee on each occasion, the Club premises may be let to members and other approved persons for concerts, performances and private parties etc. on such terms as shall in each case be decided by the Executive Committee. The charges for such reservation shall be fixed by the Executive Committee for each night or day taking into consideration the nature of the party or performance.

67. A suggestion Book will be kept in the Club premises. Members and visitors shall record all complaints and suggestions in these books. All complaints and suggestions so recorded shall be attended to by the Honorary Secretary or any other member of the Executive Committee appointed for the purpose, who shall as and when necessary bring them to the attention of the Executive Committee and if need arises to the General Meeting.

68. Club Servants: No servant of the Club shall be sent on errands out of the Club nor shall members use any club servants for purpose other than for which they are engaged. The Executive Committee shall frame and lay-down rules governing the service conditions of all the employees of the Club.

Dogs and Animals
69. Dogs or other animals/pets shall under no circumstances be allowed to enter the main Club building. A fine for infringement of this Rule at Rs. 50/- for every offence will be levied.

70. The auditors for auditing the accounts of the Club shall be appointed by the General House for which purpose proposals shall be put by the Executive Committee in every Annual General Meeting. In case of any change/removal not less than2/5th of the members shall express their desire in writing and also submit consent of proposed auditors at least 15 days before the Annual General Meeting.

71. As far as possible the members will avoid bringing children below age of 12 years in the Club. Children will, of course, be allowed on all Tambola days and on other occasions and variety shows arranged by the Executive Committee.

72. The Income and Property of the Club, shall be devoted solely towards the promotion of the objects of the Club as set forth in the Memorandum of Association and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred or indirectly by ways of dividends, bonus or otherwise by way of profit, to the members of the Club, provided that nothing herein shall prevent the payment in good faith of remuneration to any officers or servants of the Club or any member of Club or other person in return for any services actually rendered to the Club.

73. In case of dispute or litigation, Civil or Criminal or any kind by or against the Club, the Honorary Secretary of the Club shall have full powers to safeguard the interests of the Club, defend or initiate any case in a Court of Law, to appoint any lawyer for the purpose and to sign and verify the pleadings or application on behalf of the Club. The Honorary Secretary will have the same powers if he has to appear before the Sub-Registrar, before the Municipal committee or Excise and Taxation Officers. The Executive Committee has the power to nominate any other person for these purposes to assist the Honorary Secretary for these jobs.

74. If upon winding up or dissolution of the Club there remains after the satisfaction of all debts and liabilities, any property whatsoever, the same shall not be paid to or distributed among the members of the Club, but shall be given or transferred to some other Institution, or Institutions having objects similar to the objects or the Club, to the determined by the members of the Club at or before the time of dissolution in the General Meeting or a default there so by any Judge of the High Court.

75. These Memorandum of Association and Bye- Laws shall be printed and each member shall be entitled to have one copy each, on written request.

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